Friday, June 5, 2015

The Hypocrisy of the Left--Undeserved Income

Weasel Zippers caught some Tweets from "Lawrence Brown[,] ... an assistant professor in the Public Health Department at Morgan State University in Baltimore. He’s an activist who basically believes blacks should receive reparations, that America is segregated, that blacks suffer from historical trauma from white supremacist America." In these Tweets, Brown states that white supporters of #blacklivesmatter should deposit their "unearned wealth" in Black accounts.

I'm pretty sure that by "Black accounts" he isn't suggesting a hidden account in the Cayman Islands.

Hence, what he is stating is that it somehow wrong for the white supporters to have "unearned wealth"--e.g., inherited money--but it is somehow right for blacks to have that "unearned wealth." In other words, whites should have to earn their wealth, but not blacks.

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