Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Election 2016: Rubio v. Bloomberg?

Based on the negative press from the so-called "liberal" media, Jim Treacher believes that Marco Rubio is the presumptive Republican nominee. I disagree. That the New York Times and other Democratic apparatchiks are attacking Rubio so early indicates that they are worried sick that Rubio will be the nominee, so they are going to do everything they can to assure is is not the nominee. Given that they are currently stuck with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket, the Democrats' only hope to win the election is for Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham to be nominated. Both are RINOs that will appeal to the Republican insiders, alienate the party base, and offer no real choice to the independent voters.

However, the Democratic establishment does not want Hillary. I don't believe this is an issue of Hillary having too much baggage to hide since, after all, the media did an excellent job of ignoring Obama's background. No, the Democratic apparatchiks are pushing the various Clinton scandals in order to driver her from the race. The conundrum is who would replace her as a viable candidate. Thomas Lifson, writing at The American Thinker, believes that Michael Bloomberg may be the Democrats white knight. Bloomberg has the money and the name recognition, and isn't dogged by the many scandals (and general dislike) like Hillary.

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