Friday, May 22, 2015

The President of the Boy Scouts Calls On An End To The Ban On Gay Leaders

The Daily Mail reports that former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, now serving as President of the Boy Scouts of America, has called for the BSA to end its ban on adult gay leaders. According to the article, he has also stated that he will no longer revoke the charters of local groups that violate the ban.

Gates should be fired for his defiance of the Board and failure to carry out his duties as president of the organization. But he should also be fired for his stupidity. Only a Washington insider, oblivious to the rest of the nation, would believe that the Boy Scouts' future required the Boy Scouts to accept gay leaders. The liberal elitists that are currently pushing the gay agenda are not the people who are going to be enrolling their boys in Scouts: their opinions are irrelevant. The Scouts mostly draw from social conservatives, and much of their financial support is from socially conservative churches. Gates path forward will destroy the Scouts. If nothing else, as the Girl Scouts' social engineering experiments have illustrated, hoeing the liberal line won't save the Scouts.

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