Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Man Arrested for Leaving Pressure Cooker in Car Apologizes

From a Reuters report:
A Virginia man who triggered a bomb scare on Sunday near the U.S. Capitol apologized and explained the suspicious device was a pressure cooker used for his food truck business, local news reported on Monday. 
Authorities on Sunday blew up the pressure cooker found in a suspicious, unattended vehicle parked near the Capitol minutes before the National Memorial Day Concert, where thousands of people were in attendance.
* * *
A subsequent investigation found nothing hazardous, but the vehicle's owner, Israel Shimeles of the Washington suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle after his license had been revoked. 
Shimeles told local media on Monday he operated a food truck and the pressure cooker was for cooking rice. He apologized for the incident and for delaying crowds trying to attend the concert. 
“I should have thought about it a little bit more," Shimeles told the NBC Washington affiliate. "You know, if I had to do it again, absolutely I would have been a little more careful."
Actually, the man didn't trigger the bomb scare; the Capital Police did. CNN reported:
 Officers spotted the car on routine patrol and found it suspicious. Inside were the pressure cooker and what appeared to be a propane tank. Officers smelled gasoline, U.S. Capitol Police said in a statement.
And it is not even clear what made them suspicious of the vehicle, a grey station wagon. This whole thing reeks of incompetence.

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