Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Only Cops Should Have Guns--Marital Aid Edition

A former decorated detective who let a woman use his Glock pistol as a sex toy during a steamy encounter at a NSW police station will learn if he'll spend the next 20 months in prison. 
Mark Garner began a relationship with the woman, who cannot be named, after she came into the Tweed Heads police station in June 2011 to say she had been sexually assaulted. 
On one night in September 2011, while Garner was supposed to be a general duty supervisor at Tweed Heads, he and the woman snuck into the closed Kingscliff police station and had sex in various locations. 
During the encounter, the woman used Garner's police-issued Glock as a sex toy.
The news report doesn't mention whether the firearm was loaded at the time.

(H/t The Truth About Guns)

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