Friday, March 27, 2015

What is Meritocracy

Andrew Gelman at the Monkey's Cage explains that people focus too much on the "merit" and not enough on the "-ocracy."
In a meritocracy, the whole point of having “merit” is that you can run things (“ocracy”), and the point of running things is that you can get good jobs for your family and friends. 
As Sarah Lacy might say: You work really hard, you build something and you create something, and then you sock a couple million dollars in the bank, connect your friends to some amazing opportunities, and settle down and make sure that your kids have every possible opportunity to succeed in a competitive world. Nothing wrong with doing that—-it’s what meritocracy is all about—-but the result is you’ll have more and more Sam Lessins running around.
(Emphasis from original).

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