Thursday, March 19, 2015

DARPA Looking at Cure for Ebola That Will Work For Other Diseases

From the Daily Mail:
The US military’s Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (Darpa) says they may have a method to stop all infectious diseases - including Ebola. 
By encoding RNA and DNA in a specific way, Darpa say a person could simply go into a shop and get an injection to protect them against a disease. 
This could be used to prevent mass outbreaks in affected areas. 
* * * 
The method works by creating powerful antibodies from survivors of an infectious disease. 
‘Instructions’ on how to make these antibodies are then encoded into RNA and DNA, which are injected into people who might come into contact with the disease. 
Their cells then start creating the antibodies, protecting them from catching the potentially dangerous disease. 
Darpa is currently funding the project through Emory University in Atlanta. 
Experts say the method, if proven to be safe and effective, would be faster and cheaper than conventional drug production and could potentially be used to treat illnesses such as seasonal flu or malaria.

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