Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hillary's Libyan Legacy

I think this article from the American Interest pretty much sums up what Obama and Hillary have accomplished--spread chaos and terrorism. The article is primarily about Nigeria, but makes the following point:
Throughout the Sahel, the semi-desert stretch below the Sahara, various militias and jihadist groups are trading huge amounts of weapons and supplies to each other. This booming terrorist corridor is shaking the foundation of the all too unsteady nations in the region. France is once again fighting Islamists in Mali, while also lending support to a number of its other former colonies in the region. The ruins of the Libyan state have become a convenient arms depot and shelter for militants from many countries; since a re-stabilization of the country looks at best unlikely, it will be so for quite some time.
There was never a valid reason for Hillary to back a European attack on Libya--and, in fact, the U.S. did all the heavy lifting, so to speak. (Obama was too busy partying in Rio to care). Her foolish shortsightedness--the desire to be "cool" and fit in with the Eurocrats--has produced a situation that is tearing Central Africa apart. If Hillary is foolish enough to run for president, Libya and Benghazi should be brought up constantly by her opponents.

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