Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feminist Outraged at Victoria's Secret Christmas Show

When it comes to feminism, I’ve never been the bra-burning kind. Equality is all very well, but it’s no excuse not to brush your hair. 
Emancipation and exfoliation are not mutually exclusive: it is perfectly possible to make it in a man’s world without looking like one. 
Occasionally, though, something comes along that stirs my inner Germaine Greer. 
Something so outrageously sexist it would make Mad Men’s Don Draper blush. A proper bottom pinching, ‘fetch-me-a-cup-of-tea-love’ moment. 
Something like Victoria’s Secret’s so-called fashion show.
Well, since the primary purpose of feminism is sex without responsibility, it seems that the Victoria's Secret show is an inevitable consequence.

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