Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who or What is the National Bar Association?

I've seen various news articles quoting or referring to a statement from the National Bar Association condemning the Ferguson grand jury decision.

Everyone knows who the American Bar Association (ABA) is--they are the organization that spouts off stupid liberal nonsense, but also performs practical tasks such as setting standards for, and accrediting law schools, and promulgating model rules of conduct for attorneys to be considered by individual states. The ABA is the legal equivalent of the American Medical Association, except that they only care about a small number of their members--plaintiff lawyers (sort of like the AMA deciding it only represented surgeons and telling the rest of the medical profession to go take a flying leap...). But who or what is the National Bar Association?

Although most people don't know it, each state also have bar associations which assist with training, standards, admissions, and discipline of attorneys in that particular jurisdiction. But that is not a function of the National Bar Association.

Wikipedia describes the group as "the oldest and largest national association of African-American attorneys and judges in the United States." Well, I can now understand why they took the particular stance they did, but I still had never heard of them.

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