Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tuesday's Vote

The Diplomad understands why you may not want to vote Republican--he is a libertarian--but the reality is that we have no other realistic choice. He explains:
I have had a lot of harsh things to say about the GOP.... I remain troubled by their weakness when confronting the ever expanding size and reach of federal, state, and municipal government. They too easily [l]et themselves get Mau-Maued by the progressive insult and spin machine, and try to appease it by turning on some of the more gutsy members of the GOP, e.g., Senator Cruz, Governor Palin. All that said, almost any Republican politician is better than almost any Democrat politician when it comes to genuine concern for the country and for the future we are creating for our kids and grandkids.  
... I am voting Republican because whatever the flaws of that party, it is overall a far better choice than the principal alternative. The Democratic party has become insane, destructively insane, and seems to get crazier by the year. It is a threat to liberty. It seems to believe only in government and in a weird distorted view of America as a place that is endlessly in need of more government. 
At a bare minimum, we need to get control of Congress and hold the Republicans we elect accountable for stopping Obama in the remaining two years of his reign of error and terror. ... Can a Republican Congress do all that? Probably not, but we will never even get started on saving our country if we don't have a Republican Congress.
Elections have consequences. Yes, I would like to see libertarians elected. That's not going to happen. If we squander our vote on libertarians and other well-meaning folks, we end up with Obama and Reid. For all their flaws, I would much prefer Romney and McConnell.

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