Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Democrats Move To Accept Minorities

Roger L. Simon observes:
Roughly ninety-five percent of racism in America today now either emanates from liberals or is generated by them. The Democratic Party relies on racism because, without the perception of serious ongoing racism in our culture, the identity politics on which the party depends would disintegrate. As presently constituted, they wouldn’t win another national or statewide election. This makes the Democratic Party by necessity a virtual racism-manufacturing machine.
... And now come the Latinos. After they have decimated black culture, our progressive friends are going after the Hispanics.  I say “going after” because the obvious unspoken goal of  Obama’s executive amnesty plan is the creation of a yet greater class of dependent voters. It’s actually quite insulting to Latinos in the long term, just as it was to African Americans. One of the most effective ways to ruin someone’s life is to make him or her dependent.  Dependency on the state is not all that different from dependency on drugs or alcohol.  Sooner or later it dominates who you are and will most likely ruin your life.  You will never be free, unless you are that rare strong individual who is able to overcome it.  That is what is being done by the Democratic Party in the name of executive amnesty. 
What an atrocious, immoral thing to do. We should all be equal under the law in this republic. The idea that the chief executive of our country would want to give special privileges to Latinos above and beyond the wishes of  their future fellow citizens is not only morally repugnant, it is highly socially damaging.  It drives us apart — and apparently deliberately. Latinos know that too and a surprising percentage seem to have seen that in last week’s election, not voting, as predicted, for the Democrats. They don’t want “brown skin privilege” any more than I want “white skin privilege” or Al Sharpton should have “black skin privilege.” 
Some Democrats may be getting the message. The KKK is one of the oldest Democratic party institutions still in existence, although barely. Originally formed to keep the freed slaves from voting for Republicans, it later was used to invoke racial fears to keep white voters from voting Republican. Several powerful Democrat politicians held high ranks in the Klan. After Democrats began to lose ground to Republicans, the Democrats switched to invoking racial fears among blacks, and the KKK was neglected and even vilified by its own party. As Democrats have become less popular, and sensing its own demise, a  Montana chapter of Klan is opening its membership to minorities.

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