Saturday, November 1, 2014

"How Maggots Can Reveal Whether You Are Liberal or Conservative"

         It looked like an interesting article from the Huffington Post. A study showed that there was a correlation between how revolted a person was at seeing a picture of, for instance, maggots, and their political affiliation--i.e., liberal or conservative (current American definitions of the terms). Unfortunately the Huff Post author apparently couldn't figure out what the scientists were talking about, and so the article doesn't actually reveal which political party was more squeamish. For that, you have to go to the actual scientific article and the fourth illustration. The result is that gross pictures revolted conservatives more than liberals.

          I think this is important research. The lack of revulsion among liberals may well explain why liberals are more likely to engage in mass murders--not just the Nazi and Soviet kinds, but also simply walking into a movie theater and shooting down innocent people. Dead bodies must not bother them as much.

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