Friday, November 14, 2014

Groin Attacks

Glenn Reynolds linked to an opinion piece at The Telegraph discussing the denigration of men on the internet (mostly due to the feminist "social justice" warriors). One of the examples in the op-ed is an article from Jezebel entitled: "How to Kick a Guy in the Balls: An Illustrated Guide." The Jezebel article is pretty much feminist mental masturbation, dwelling more on the pain, social stigma, and symbolic nature of kicking a man in the testicles, than providing instructions usable for self-defense. However, this is the laughable part:
Pretty ugly, isn't it? It makes me glad I'm a girl, frankly. I've spent 15 years training in karate, an art developed primarily by men and therefore obsessively concerned with protecting the testicles, so in some ways I feel like I have an honorary groin; I'm so accustomed to covering it every time I begin or end a drill. It's a huge responsibility, and I'm thankful I don't carry that burden in real life. I don't think I'd cope well with the stress. 
Not that I feel sorry for men. It's more than a fair trade, running the world, even if you have to keep one hand over your crotch at all times. But I do feel a weird sort of sympathy for the be-testicled. Such important parts of your anatomy, and you have to tie them up in a little purse before you can even pretend to fight. What a drag.
It will probably come as a real shock to her when she is eventually kicked in the groin that it can be more debilitating to a woman.
Contrary to depictions in popular culture (in which females are no more vulnerable in their groin than anywhere else), a strike or squeeze to the vulva or clitoris and ovaries will cause considerable pain and can incapacitate females due to the high amount of nerve endings in these structures. The pain associated with a trauma to the clitoris travels through the pudendal nerve and travels through the ovarian plexus for a trauma to the ovaries. In extreme cases, the female victim may vomit or black out. A strike to a female's genitals can be just as damaging and debilitating as a blow to a male, if not even more so due to the location of the pubic bone just inside the female's body, the immobility of the female genitalia and the higher amount and concentration of nerve endings in the vulva than the testicles. If delivered with enough force, a kick to the female genitalia can drive the highly sensitive clitoris up into the pubic bone, compressing the clitoris between the hard bone and the attacker's shoe. Potential long-term health problems can arise for female targets of groin attacks including nerve damage to the clitoris, the pubic bone fracture because women's bones are thinner (and the bone of the pelvis of women is thinner and may break off female pelvis), hematoma, vulvodynia and rupture of the ovaries (Ovarian apoplexy), which will lead to infertility.
 So, in the interest of bringing fairness and balance to the internet, the groin attack is not just for use against men. And if you can't strike a female attacker in the groin, you can always punch one of her breasts.

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