Thursday, November 27, 2014

Brown's Mother Delusional

"I know my son far too well. He would never do anything like that. He would never provoke anyone to do anything to him and he would never do anything to anybody." 
McSpadden said her son does not have a history of violence. 
"One image does not paint a person's entire life," she said.
On that note, here is the video of Brown shoving a store clerk in a robbery shortly before he was shot:

McSpadden, if you want to blame someone for your son's death, start by looking in your mirror. YOU raised a bully and a brute. YOU failed to inculcate in him the basics of civilized behavior. YOU failed to teach him self control. YOU failed to teach him to obey the law. YOU failed to teach him to respect other people and their property. And, if you are telling the truth, YOU did not even bother to know your son.

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