Saturday, November 22, 2014

Benghazi Report Confirms That CIA Was Tracking Weapons to Syria

Fox News reports on a House report that concluded that the Benghazi attack was premeditated, noting, for instance, that the attack was coordinated between operatives from multiple Al Qaeda affiliated groups. It also mentions that the CIA was in Benghazi to attempt to track weapon shipments. From the article:
The report also shed new light on the CIA operation in Benghazi. Morell said the CIA annex was in eastern Libya “collecting intelligence about foreign entities that were themselves collecting weapons in Libya and facilitating their passage to Syria. The Benghazi Annex was not itself collecting weapons.”  
Newly declassified testimony before the House Intelligence Committee attached to the House report from the Director of National intelligence, James Clapper, as well as Morell, confirmed to lawmakers that the weapons shipments were known at the highest levels of the U.S. government. 
Rep. Devin Nunes: Are we aware of any arms that are leaving that area and going into Syria? 
Mr. Morell: Yes, sir. 
General Clapper: Yes 
Nunes:  And who was coordinating that? 
Mr. Morell: I believe the (redacted) are coordinating that. 
Nunes: And were the CIA folks that were there, were they helping to coordinate that, or were they watching it, were they gathering information about it? 
Mr. Morell: Sir, the focus of my officers in Benghazi was (redacted) to try to penetrate terrorist groups that were there so we could learn their plans, intentions and capabilities (redacted.) 
The discussion is cut short by Rogers, who says not all members present have sufficient security clearances to hear further details.   ...
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