Monday, October 20, 2014

UK Gun Owners Subject to Warrantless Searches

From Fox News:
Registered gun owners in the United Kingdom are now subject to unannounced visits to their homes under new guidance that allows police to inspect firearms storage without a warrant. 
The new policy from the British Home Office went into effect Oct. 15, permitting police and constabularies to conduct surprise home visits to legitimate gun owners. 
... Britain’s gun owners were subject to the home visits before the update, but the inspection had to be conducted with prior notice. 
“Where it is judged necessary, based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, the police may undertake an unannounced home visit to check the security of a certificate holder’s firearms and shotguns,” the updated policy says.
The UK has the highest violent crime rate of any Western nation. So, how do they deal with this? Like all socialists, they target the law abiding.

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