Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's An Upside Down World

The Republican elite desperately want immigration reform. Not because it would help conservatives, or even the citizenry of this country in general, but because it would please big business to have more competition for jobs (Econ 101 -- greater supply than demand drives the price lower). However, that is not the excuse given by the Republican elite. Parroting the left, their explanation is that the Republican party must reach out to Latinos in order to stay relevant. Many conservative pundits have disagreed, but it is interesting to note that the New York Times is grudgingly admitting the same. Nate Cohn writes:

Republicans would probably hold the House — and still have a real chance to retake the Senate — if they lost every single Hispanic voter in the country, according to an analysis by The Upshot.
Cohn has to twist himself into pretzels to explain why this simple fact is the reason why the House hasn't passed "immigration reform," whereas the real reason is that Republican voters don't want "reform." Cohn is correct, in a way--the Republicans won't budge because the handful of voters they would gain could not offset the droves of voters they would lose.

Underlying Cohn's story, though, is the hidden desire of the Liberals that Hispanic voters will turn out to be a cohesive bloc of voters like the blacks--guaranteed to vote Democrat no matter what. It doesn't hold up in Florida, and I doubt it will hold up over time in other areas of the country.

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