Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Could See This Becoming a New Architectural Style

The high-life: People in Shenzhen Bay, China could someday be living the high life in this futuristic urban community towering 2230ft (680 metres) into the clouds. The concept building was designed as part of a competition to create a new iconic business district, scooping first prize
Source: Daily Mail

The Cloud Citizen project won a design competition for a new business district for Shenzhen, China. The project submitted by Cloud Citizen was an arcology combining business, entertainment, and living areas into a single structure. From the article:
The design aims to give back to the environment through rainwater harvesting, solar and wind power, and pollutant filters. 
A number of smaller areas within the large structure have been set aside for IT-industry, commercial, leisure, and cultural areas. 
Each one of these spaces is also connected to a large park, and aims to encourage a sustainable lifestyles.

... 'We were interested in the old Chinese low-rise courtyard blocks, called Hutongs, and wanted to see if we could use the informal village arrangements of these in a 3D setting for increased social interaction,' he said.
I don't think that giant arcologies are practical, notwithstanding how much they appeal to urban planners, but the general nature and feel of the design is interesting and has features that could be incorporated into smaller projects.

There are more pictures, including some interior renderings, in the Daily Mail article.

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