Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Censorship in Action

The Left think they are paragons of free speech, when in fact they are the exact opposite. Like their spiritual ancestor, Adolf Hitler, liberals wish to censor the truth for the sake of the narrative. In this case, a documentary called "The Whiteness Project" which was attempting to explore what it means to be white in America. However, the Left was enraged that many of the early interviewees complained of being discriminated against or questioned the legal privileges given to minorities.

Growing up in a racially homogeneous city, my early experiences of discrimination were related to issues of my religion or my low economic status (my family was, at the time, "working poor"). I remember sitting in my high school economics class my senior year when we were visited by a representative from a technical school. He made a point during his presentation of singling me out and telling me: "Yes, even you can go to college." And, yes, I had been followed around stores by suspicious clerks because my clothes were shabby and worn, and had at least one friend forbidden to associate with me because of my low economic status.

However, when I began to apply for scholarships to college, I learned the more insidious truth. Handed a book compiling available scholarships, I discovered that there was nary a scholarship open to white males--I needed to be black and/or female to qualify for most of the scholarships open to the general public (many others were limited to employees of corporations or their children). This, even though I was considered an at-risk student because of my family's lack of income and the fact that my father had not graduated from high school.

Fortunately, I did well in my state's high school science competition and obtained an academic scholarship that financed my first year, and was offered scholarships at a couple of other universities where I had been accepted based on my grades and SAT and ACT scores. But I learned that being white and male made me a second class citizen.

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