Monday, October 20, 2014

Adult Children of Gays and Lesbians Speak Out

A brief synopsis of 25 people raised in LGBT households. And, no surprise, it wasn't conducive to a healthy social development. (See also here). One of the points that comes out in reading these accounts are the number that essentially feel cheated from having a both a mother and father. 

One of the women has written a separate piece at The Public Discourse where she makes this unflattering observation:
... Many families headed by gay male couples are built upon exploitation of women. Practically speaking, Scott Rose and his compatriots have formed a men’s rights group that seeks to use women as breeders. These egg donors and surrogate mothers supply infants for a bustling market full of same-sex couples, for whom reproduction is naturally and biologically impossible. 
In the name of equality, groups such as GLAAD (which employs Jeremy Hooper as a consultant) have pushed through gender identity laws that have legally erased women. The term “woman” now legally can refer to the way that a man chooses to identify himself. Once women have been erased legally as a group and as individuals, it is not hard to erase “mothers.” This lends support to the practice of using one woman’s eggs and another woman’s womb to supply children for gay male couples, obscuring the concept of motherhood and making it seem dispensable.
Of course, to lesbians, men are dispensable as well.

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