Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why Only Cops Should Have Guns--Drunken Narcotics Agent

Cops swatted a .40-caliber Glock out of a drunken state narcotics agent’s hand Friday night after he shot two drinking buddies on the Upper West Side, authorities and witnesses said. 
... The three pals had been drinking together and were walking on Amsterdam Ave. near W. 82nd St. when the woman asked the New York State Bureau of Narcotics enforcement agent for his pistol, a police source said. 
Zambrano handed it over, but quickly demanded it back, cop sources said. As the argument became increasingly heated, the agent fired a round. The bullet ricocheted off the concrete and hit both the woman and her boyfriend. 
... The boyfriend chased after him, and Zambrano allegedly turned to shoot but misfired — causing a live round to fall to the ground as he ran toward W. 83rd St., stunned witnesses aid. 
... Plainclothes cops surrounded Zambrano outside Bustan on Amsterdam Ave. near W. 84th St., but the suspect wouldn’t give up his gun, which he now was holding under a Yankees jacket. 
After a few tense moments, a cop knocked the gun out of Zambrano's hand and tackled him, witnesses said.
I wonder if they would have been so restrained in their use of force if it hadn't been a fellow cop? Actually, I don't.

(H/t Weasel Zippers)

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