Monday, September 8, 2014

Russian Police Hunt for Gang of Serial Killers

The Daily Mail reports:
Russian police are desperately hunting a group of serial killers who have murdered at least ten people after laying razor-sharp spikes across secluded roads to stop their cars.  
The criminals, dubbed the 'lonely road maniacs', lurk in woodland or forest on the roadside, waiting for their next victim's tyres to be slashed before shooting them dead.   
Their motive appears to be purely cold-blooded, since the snipers have not stolen valuables from their victims in the region surrounding Russian capital Moscow. 
However, a criminal psychologist linked to the case said the killers have a 'fetish' of taking the driving licenses of their victims while leaving bank cards and cash untouched. 
'Perhaps they like looking at pictures and remembering victims,' said this expert, Mikhail Vinogradov. 
The group has been operating for 15 months but until recently police denied the cases were linked and a gang was involved.
An artist sketch of a suspect looks like the actor that played the T1000 terminator.

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