Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama Shows His True Colors Again

Obama jokes about the traffic mayhem he causes when he visits NYC.
President Barack Obama joked today during a New York speech that he doesn't seem to have the traffic problems the city's residents are always complaining about. 
'It's actually pretty smooth for me during the week,' Obama said, after playfully arguing that everyone in New York 'hypes' the traffic. 
'I don't know what the problem is,' he told attendees of the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting. 'I haven't noticed.' 
... The president was seemingly unaware of how intensely New York drivers despise his visits and the traffic jams they cause around the city. 
Every time the president travels to New York police have to close streets along his motorcade's route, sometimes for long stretches of time, turning the city's busiest roadways into parking lots.
Laws, stop signs, traffic lights ... those are for the peons.

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