Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leading Dem Wants to Scrap Constitution

Donna Brazile, vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee for voter registration and participation ... wants to scrap the entire U.S. Constitution. 
Brazile tweeted: “We need a new constitution.” This, she stated is “how we save American democracy from charlatans, loudmouths and the 1 percent.” 
Brazile is no fire-brand outlier. As noted, she holds an important position in the Democratic Party. More than that, she’s a long-time, high-level Dem insider. In 2000, she managed Al Gore’s campaign. In 2011, she briefly served as interim chair of the DNC. 
Democrats have viewed the Constitution as an anachronistic barrier to their agenda since the days of Woodrow Wilson who, before entering politics, consistently argued as much. These days, though, their contempt for our founding document is becoming increasingly manifest.
Democrats are stupid. The Constitution is the social contract that binds the nation. Take it away, and what reason is there for the Union?

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