Friday, September 12, 2014

Hamas Admits It Placed Military Targets in Residential Areas ...

... but whines that it had no choice. From the article:
Hamas appeared to admit using human shields to fire rockets into Israel for the first time today, but refused to accept responsibility for the slaughter of hundreds of innocent Palestinians killed in retaliatory airstrikes. 
In a veiled confession that comes two weeks after the end of the Gaza war, a senior Hamas official said the group's fighters had no choice but to use residential areas from which to launch missiles into their neighbour's territory. 
But while Ghazi Hamad claimed they took safeguards to keep people away from the violence, he admitted 'mistakes were made', blaming Israel's heavy-handed response for the deaths of civilians.
I suppose that they had no choice but to hide stockpiles of rockets in U.N. operated schools? I suppose that Hamas had no choice but to bomb their own people? Or perhaps those are the mistakes he references?

One thing is clear. Israel didn't kill enough civilians, else the Palestinians would have protested against Hamas' and demanded a new government, rather than celebrating their "victory" over Israel.

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