Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Nice Definition of Global Warming

Roger L. Simon writes:
Climate armageddon is a messianic cult based almost entirely on religion and faith and very little on science.  And, ... it’s still thriving, somewhat, despite the many blows that it has taken lately — no warming in the last fifteen years, antarctic ice cap bigger than ever, more polar bears than ever, all kinds of leaks of fraudulent figures and fudged graphs, etc., etc.   The list, available at by scrolling backwards, is almost comical in its extent.   It’s amusing to read the myriad theories for why the ice cap is bigger, motivated, for the most part, by panic on the part of the scientists involved that they might have their stipends cut.
 However, Simon maintains that it is not just the money, but narcissism that motivates AGW fanatics. He continues:
But the whole climate thing is much more than a mere scam, gigantic as it is. It is the purest example of the use of moral narcissism by and against liberals and progressives. It is the perfect exploitation of the human need to feel good about ourselves.  More opine about matters scientific in our culture than in all of history, probably, while knowing less – and that’s not just because Al Gore got D in geology or because the whole idea of “settled science” is an oxymoron.  ”Climate Change” is liberalism’s paradigm self-deception.  If you believe that, you can believe anything. It’s is so, if you want it to be so.
Well, for the ignorant believers. But for the leaders, it is all about the money and power.  The likes of Naomi Klein are even calling for "reparations" to be made to developing countries. For what, I don't know. But you can guess that it any such funds will need to pass through a great number of liberal foundations--each taking their cut--before finally reaching the pockets of third world dictators and their cronies. It reminds me of a little skit an old friend used to do:
(Mock old-time preacher voice) 
What is love? Is it your little puppy dog? No! Love is money. So if you love God, send him your money. But don't send your check to God, He can't cash 'em! Send them to me, and I'll cash 'em for Him.
Only now, it is Al Gore asking you to save the planet by writing out your check to him (and if you don't do it willingly, the government will force you to do so).

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