Monday, September 8, 2014

6-Year Old Mauled by Mountain Lion

According to the report:
The boy, who has not been identified, was lucky to escape alive after the beast pounced on him from behind at 1pm as he walked though the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve in Cupertino. 
After grabbing the boy, the lion began dragging him away before the child's father and another man fought it off, authorities said. 
The youngster suffered bite wounds and scratches to his head and neck following the attack and is recovering at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he was listed in fair condition.
The cougar continued to follow the group after the attack, based on the tracks that were located. Authorities are in the process of tracking down the animal to destroy it.

I'm old enough to remember being told in school classes, repeatedly, that there had never been a documented case of a mountain lion attack on a person, and that they were basically harmless.

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