Monday, August 18, 2014

The Facts Start To Come Together on Michael Brown

No surprise, but the statements of Michael Brown's friend insisting that the police in Ferguson shot Brown in the back have turned out to be false. No surprise, I guess, that the friend of a violent criminal would lie. However, with the liberal media spreading the falsehoods as truth until everyone tired of the story, the truth will largely be forgotten.

A couple new points that have arisen. First, some audio in the background of a video filmed shortly after the incident records a bystander discussing the shooting and supports the police officer's account:
Overheard while one man films the gruesome aftermath of Brown's daylight shooting, the barely discernible audio is of one unseen man recounting the alleged version of events that he saw to another man, off camera, while bystanders scream and shout at police to assist the stricken 18-year-old. 
At around the six minute and 30 second mark in the 10 minute long video, one man is just heard over raucous shouting asking another how Brown ended up at least 30-feet away from the police squad car that presumably was being driven by Wilson. 
The first man explains to the second man that Brown was there because he had previously been inside the police car and run, which contradicts what the teens friend, Dorian Johnson, has told police and in interviews. 
Johnson has said that Brown was not ever inside Officer Wilson's police car before the shooting.
 Meanwhile, a second autopsy performed at the behest of Brown's family also contradict Johnson's story:
Baden, 80, a veteran medical examiner who has performed 20,000 autopsies, reviewed the autopsies of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. and hosted the HBO show “Autopsy,” said the bullets hit Brown in the front, but the absence of gunpowder showed they were not fired at close range. Baden also said nothing indicated Brown had been in an altercation. This seems to contradict the statements of Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who said the officer now identified as Darren Wilson grabbed Brown’s neck with one hand and shot him with the other.
Brown was shot 6-times--all to the front of the body.

Last night saw more looting and protests (photographs and a video).

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