Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Have Egypt & Israel Thwarted Obama's Plan?

I had recently noted this article by Daniel Greenfield where he stated that Obama's plan with Israel and Hamas was to help the Muslim Brotherhood regain power in Egypt. To do this, he had to cut Egypt out of the negotiations for a cease fire, to allow Qatar or Turkey to negotiate terms that would loosen the strictures on Hamas, including Egypt's blockade of Gaza. This would, in turn, allow the Muslim Brotherhood freer reign to operate in Egypt.

It doesn't appear to be working out exactly the way Obama wanted. First, Israel did not cooperate by pulling back attacks when the Administration requested it to do so. Netanyahu told the Obama Administration to never second guess him as to Hamas. The Administration responded with a statement from Shadow President Valerie Jarrett condemning Israel for an alleged attack on a U.N. operated school. (Hamas has been hiding rockets in the U.N. schools, suggesting that the U.N. has been conspiring with Hamas, but that is a different story). Now Hamas has agreed to a cease fire--with negotiations to be conducted in Cairo. Nevertheless, according to the article:
Hamas is seeking a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, an end to an Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the territory, the release of Hamas prisoners held by Israel and international assistance in the reconstruction of Gaza.
 In other words, Hamas wants free reign to conduct terrorist attacks in Israel (and probably Egypt, as well), and wants the U.S. to pay for their weapons. Now the Administration is trying to play nice with Israel, probably so it can have greater influence over the terms of any "peace" deal.

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