Thursday, August 7, 2014

Does the President Care Who Is Crossing the Rio Grande?

Roger L. Simon writes about why failure to secure the border is dangerous--and it mostly has to do with Middle-Eastern terrorists. Simon then asks:
But I wonder if [Obama] ever wakes up at night, wondering who’s riding those endless jet skis crossing the Rio Grande. If something really bad is about to happen. If he doesn’t, there’s something really wrong with him.
I'm not going to go into conspiracy theories. I don't know if Obama or other highly placed Administration officials have secret deals with the cartels, or some of these terrorist groups, that gives them their confidence. What matters is that Obama doesn't care because, for whatever reason, he believes that nothing is going to happen that will threaten his power and authority. He believes he can control the situation. He is like the Whore of Babylon, described in Revelations, who thinks he can control the Beast he is riding, right up until it destroys him.

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