Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honduras' Extortion Demand

Reuters reports that Honduras is requesting a "mini-Marshal plan" to prevent children from heading to the U.S. as illegal aliens.
Honduran officials on Wednesday called for U.S. aid to Central America to reduce violence that has fueled a surge of child migration to the United States, with the foreign minister calling for a "mini-Marshall plan" to attack the broader underlying problems. 
Honduran President Juan Hernandez said Washington should help Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras fight gangs with a plan similar to U.S. anti-drug programs in Colombia and Mexico, as well as funds to lift growth in the impoverished region.
Except that these children are arriving because they believe they will be allowed to stay, not because of violence in their home country. (See also here). There is some indication that the drug cartels are also behind the surge, as they have taken over human smuggling/trafficking.

In short, this is less about dealing with a humanitarian crises than yet another way to squeeze more gold eggs from the American goose.

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