Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Collective Punishment" Against Palestinians is Justified

Israel has begun its ground offensive against Gaza. Reportedly, this is limited to locating and destroying terrorist supply tunnels. As usual, Israel is exercising too much restraint.

Obviously, others would disagree. Haaratz reports that Britain's deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, has called Israel's response "disproportionate" to Gaza's blitz of rockets. He also objects to what he calls Israel's "collective punishment" of the Palestinians. Clegg also says that Israel has "made its point" and should stop military action against Gaza.

This term, "collective punishment", is all the rage among the Western hating liberals. Marjorie Cohn uses the term in her op-ed at the Huffington Post, calling Israel's actions illegal. An op-ed at Vox by Max Fisher also uses the term. Palestinian apologists are using the term. Even Catholic bishops in Israel, who should know better than to pander to Hamaz, are deriding Israel by calling its military measures unjustified collective punishment. I could cite more examples, but this should suffice.

What these liberals and apologists for terrorists call "collective punishment" is generally termed warfare. It is an unfortunate fact of life that when two nations go to war, civilians are killed. I don't remember from my studies that Winston Churchill directed British forces to attack only Nazis. After England bombed Berlin, no one told it that it had "made its point" and let Nazi Germany be.

The Palestinians claim they are a nation. They have representation at the U.N. They have their own elected government and police. If they want to be a nation, they need to learn to act like one. And that means that they be subject to warfare when they attack another nation. You see, Hamas is not just a terrorist organization. It is the ruling political part in Gaza--freely elected by the Palestinians. In other words, it is not Hamas that attacked Israel, but Gaza that attacked Israel. Elections have consequences, and one of those consequences is that your government may do something stupid and attack a more powerful nation.

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