Monday, July 14, 2014

Cloward-Piven and Immigration

Obama's Administration is clearly the most political in recent decades. Yet, the Administration is doubling down on amnesty for illegal aliens despite a growing backlash from the working class and black communities.
Since the immigration issue may hurt Democrats in the fall elections, why pursue it?

Ed Driscoll thinks it is part of the Administration's Cloward-Piven strategy. He notes:
“The Obama administration-driven calamity at this nation’s southern border is no naiveté-caused accident,” Tom Blumer wrote on June 24th at PJM. “Instead, it’s the latest manifestation of what clear-eyed observers must recognize is just one of many concerted attempts to overwhelm this nation’s institutions and its social, psychological and physical infrastructure for the apparent purpose of leaving it permanently weakened and fundamentally changed.”
Certainly we know that many systems are going to be strained. Many of the illegal aliens entering the country will want jobs, or at least government benefits, requiring valid U.S. identities--thus, identity theft, especially among children, will skyrocket. (See also this story). Social services and schools in some areas are going to be inundated with more children. We will see greater demand for emergency room services and other health care.

But what else? Well, I find a couple comments from Eric Holder this past weekend revealing. First, Holder has thrown down the race card yet again, and indicated that the DOJ will be challenging election laws in various states. In other words, the Administration is willing to risk some setbacks this fall in order to prepare the battlespace for 2016, when these illegal aliens will be voting.

Second, Holder has gone off into fantasy land again about "homegrown terrorist" threats. Well, homicides and other violent crime has been decreasing the past few decades, so why would Holder be so concerned about "homegrown terrorists" that he would be unable to sleep? "Homegrown terrorists," as we know from prior Homeland Security memos, is Newspeak for conservative groups. So he is just setting the stage, yet again, for any violence that could remotely be associated with the immigration issue to be linked by the media to the NRA, Tea Party groups, etc. Think of Holder's comments not so much as concerns as instructions to the MSM.

However, I would also like to point out another point of the immigration strategy. Right now, because of the influx of illegals and staffing issues, the cartels are moving sizable amounts of drugs and persons across the border. Gang members, whether teenage members (hidden among the "unaccompanied children") or those sneaking across the border, or going to start locating to various urban centers. Gang violence in Mexico and Central America is a level or two in magnitude above what we currently have in the U.S. Expect the gang violence to begin to get much worse, and to begin to emulate the type of violence we see in Latin America.

In some ways, this is the opposite flow of the "drug running" scandal. Under Gun Walker, guns were smuggled across the border for use by the drug cartels in hopes of increasing murders in Mexico and increase support for gun control laws. Now, drug cartel members are being smuggled into the U.S. to increase murders here in the U.S., which will probably result in increased support for gun control laws.

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