Saturday, June 14, 2014

When Seconds Count, ...

The Daily Mail reports:
A Florida resident who called 911 to report a violent home invasion on was directed to voice mail when a dispatcher tried to transfer the call from the fire department to law enforcement. 
Unable to get a hold of police on time, the homeowner at Gwain Road in Port Richey in Pasco County grabbed a gun and shot one of the intruders who were apparently after cash and prescription pills. 
WTSP reports that Joseph Rich, and brothers Michael Reverdes and Steven Reverdes are now in custody after police finally arrived on the scene. Steven Reverdes was shot in the back by the homeowner. 
No information on the ethnicity of the homeowners, but the attackers could have been Obama's sons. I just mention that to once again point out that the majority of violent crimes are by those that have been most heavily subjected to Democratic/Liberal/Progressive policies. Liberals cause crime, and until we recognize that fact, we will never be able to deal with the high crime rates in inner cities.

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