Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Did She Expect?

The Daily Mail reports:
The founder of a Mormon women's rights group faces being excommunicated from her church after leading a demonstration in Salt Lake City.  
Two months ago Kate Kelly defied church orders to led [sic] hundreds of people in a rally at Temple Square to highlight gender inequality in the Mormon faith. 
On Sunday, she received a letter from the bishop of her Virginia congregation telling her a disciplinary hearing had been set to discuss her being removed from the church. 
Kelly, who founded Ordain Women, said she was shocked, dismayed and devastated by the letter, which informed her that a hearing had been set for June 22.  
She has been accused of apostasy, which was defined as repeated and public advocacy of positions that oppose church teachings.
If she doesn't like the Church's teachings, she should have found a church more conducive to her beliefs, rather than expect everyone else to conform to what she wanted. Typical liberal--can't just let others alone.

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