Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama Has Become Dangerously Delusional

Obama had doubled down on the "climate change" meme notwithstanding that there has not been global warming for over 17 years, none of the climate models has ever accurately predicted anything, and there is no evidence of a connection between man-made production of carbon having any impact on global temperatures.

The really humorous part of his speech--at least as reprinted in the article cited above--is where he explains that he isn't a scientist, but he has some good ones at NASA. Does  that include the 49 former scientists and astronauts that claimed that AGW is a hoax? Or the NASA data showing a "warming pause" of over 17 years?

The less humorous aspect of this whole thing is that because of his power and authority, Obama's delusional fantasies have real world consequences. He is going to kill American energy production and industry to satisfy his Messianic delusions of saving the world.

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