Saturday, June 14, 2014

EMC2 Fusion Sees Promising Results, Looks for Investors

With its government contract expiring, EMC2 Fusion is making its research results public and seeking public support. Compared with other fusion initiatives, EMC2's efforts are cheap and, if workable, results could be seen in just years instead of decades. Alan Boyle reports:
In comparison [to other test concepts], Polywell fusion is a bargain-basement technology. It combines two design concepts: One of the concepts involves an unorthodox containment device that's called a Wiffle-Ball, because the magnetic field pattern produced by the reactor looks like the well-known perforated plastic ball. The other concept is the Farnsworth fusor, which uses a high-voltage cage to direct beams of ions to a fusion reaction. Fusor technology is so well-understood that a teenager could do it.
EMC2 has shown that their containment system can be used for high pressure containment--something other concepts cannot match--which will make fusion easier to obtain.

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