Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Did the Left Get the School Shooting They Have Been Waiting For?

The Left have been disappointed time and again over the past several years as so-called "mass shootings" have been committed by Leftists/Liberals. The Oregon school shooting may finally give them what they wanted--an unhinged conservative. The Daily Mail reports:
The gunman who killed a Reynolds High School student in Portland, Oregon, and injured a popular teacher in a shooting spree on Tuesday has been named today as 15-year-old student Jared Michael Padgett. 
... Padgett was known by his classmates as a quiet student from a large military family with a fascination for guns. 
On Padgett's Facebook page, the 15-year-old liked two tactical knife companies, M4 assault rifles and political pages such as 'Conservative American Military Veterans Against Barack Obama' and 'We WILL NOT Be Disarmed.' 
Padgett, whose family attended a Mormon church ward in Hartley Park in Gresham was described [by] Earl Milliron, 86 'as a quiet young man who was very involved in the church'. 
Milliron, who said he knew the Padgett family said that Padgett was a deacon in the church and that he had known the 15-year-old's father for more than 25-years.
He referenced problems within the family, describing it as having 'had its ups and downs over the years' and revealed that Padgett's parents, Michael and Kristina broke up four or five years ago.

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