Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bypassing the Great Firewall of China

Doug Bernard writes about skirting China's internet firewall blocking access to many Western sites and services, including Google. He writes:
But that hasn’t stopped online free-speech activists from developing a new tool that’s busting through China’s Great Firewall block of Google. 
Developed by GreatFire engineers, the website can be found here, along with this list of proxy websites and other tools for getting around the Great Firewall. 
Charlie Wilson says the site, which uses a strategic technology he calls “collateral freedom,” provides an unblockable path to the main Google site for those within China. So we decided to put it to the test. 
VOA Beijing correspondent William Ide normally uses a Virtual Private Network, or “VPN” to skirt around the many Chinese Internet filters and blocks. He attempted to turn it off and see if he could access Google through normal connections. 
He reported he “…was not unable to access gmail or the google search engine,” online, although curiously he could get to Gmail via his iPhone and iPad. 
Then he tried Wilson’s GreatFire Google site linked above. 
“It worked like a charm,” Ide reported. “I got through to the search engine just as smoothly as I would using a VPN.”

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