Friday, June 6, 2014


The Daily Mail provides a rather detailed summary of what is known about the Bergdahl situation:

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam during his captivity, declaring himself a 'mujahid', or warrior for the faith according to once-secret documents revealed today.
Bergdahl, who was taken prisoner by the Taliban in 2009 after being found wandering a road alone and cursing America, became accepted by his captors to the point where he was allowed to fire an AK-47 during target practice, played soccer with them and was permitted to carry his own firearm. 
Psychologists who spoke to Fox News' James Rosen about the purported eyewitness accounts of Bergdahl's imprisonment said the documents illustrated a possible case of Stockholm Syndrome - the condition which causes hostages to sympathize or even join the cause of their captors in order to survive. 
However, the documents reveal that Bergdahl, who was returned to American custody during a POW exchange over the weekend, endured a checkered relationship with his Taliban captors. 
In late June 2010, he is said to have escaped for five days and on his recapture was confined to a specially designed metal cage, where he was kept 'like a caged animal'. 
At other times during his five-years of internment with his Haqqani captors, Bergdahl conversed in friendly terms with them and would frequently use the word 'Salaam', which is the Arabic word for peace. 
This information was obtained by and seen by Fox News provided by the secretive Eclipse Group.
The article goes on to report that Bergdahl was initially taken by Afghans that found him wondering along a road, and later turned over to the Taliban.

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