Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The G-7 Whine About European Dependence on Russian Gas

From Voice of America:
Europe will be saddled with its dependence on Russian gas for years, ministers from the Group of Seven industrial nations said on Tuesday, condemning the use of energy as a weapon of political coercion.
(Emphasis added). While you ponder that sentence, consider this from the Wall Street Journal:
As Middle East peace talks founder, Israeli leaders are bracing for the European Union to resume its effort to put an economic squeeze on Jewish settlements in the West Bank and other disputed territories that the EU considers illegal.

The EU had been working on a guideline that would prevent goods manufactured in settlements from carrying a "Made in Israel" label. The 28-member bloc also had been drafting a list of potential legal risks for European companies doing business in the territories—a list that might cause some to rethink their operations.

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