Friday, May 2, 2014

Giant Tsunami Hit Britain 8,200 Years Ago

Just over 8,000 years ago a huge landslide occurred off the coast of Norway, known as the Storegga Slide. 
The event created a catastrophic tsunami, with waves almost half as high as the Statue of Liberty, that battered Britain and other land masses. 
And now the most accurate computer model ever made of the tsunami suggests that it wiped out the remaining inhabitants of a set of low-lying landmass known as Doggerland off the coast of the UK.

... The huge wave that was created in the Storegga Slide occurred when a large chunk of coastal shelf 180 miles (290 km) long fell into the sea.
The slide was a single event 8,200 years ago, creating a wave that travelled across the Norwegian Sea in a few hours.

Fifteen hours later, the wave would have reached Belgium and Holland.
Dr Hill said it would have been equivalent to the 2011 Japanese tsunami in its scale.
By the time the wave reached Doggerland, it would have been half that height--approximately 5 m. But that would have been enough to sweep inland. The story explains: "Doggerland is a former landmass that once connected Britain to mainland Europe. It is believed to have disappeared after being flooded by rising sea levels in about 6,500 BC." From global warming.

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