Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dunce Cap of the Day: Professor John A. Powell

File:Dunce cap from LOC 3c04163u.png

I may need to make this a regular feature. Anyway, today I'm awarding a dunce cap to Professor John A. Powell for his total incomprehension of the first axiom of existentialism. According to the Blaze, Prof. Powell made the following nonsensical musings at the 15th Annual White Privilege Conference:
“So whiteness, actually, is very tied to our modern sense of self. And this was part of what’s called the ‘Enlightenment project.’ So that project, which goes back to people like Descartes — remember Descartes, where he says, ‘I think, therefore I am’? So he had the separation of mind and body. He had the separation of the mind, rational mind, from nature.”

Powell’s explanation continued: “So this radical individual that perceives himself — and it largely was a him — as being isolated from each other, isolated from nature, hostile to nature in a scary world, was also a white self.”

“So the expression of the self, the modern self, is actually racialized,” he concluded.
So, is Prof. Powell saying that because he doesn't think, he doesn't exist?  Or if you think, you must be racist? I'm not sure, and I doubt he is either. Anyway, for that bit of gibberish, Prof. Powell deserves to wear the dunce cap.

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