Friday, April 4, 2014

Why the Liberal Elite Don't Care About the Second Amendment

The liberal elite spurn any argument for the private ownership of firearms based on self-protection. But then, why should they worry. The Daily Mail reports on what happened when an intruder attempted to sneak onto Julia Roberts' property:
Hollywood actress Julia Robert’s $9.5 million Malibu home was almost infiltrated by an intruder. 
Fortunately the star’s security team caught him in the act and ‘slam dunked’ him into nearby cactus bushes, according to RadarOnline.

An eye-witness told the site: ‘By the time I got there, the man was just crawling out of the cactus bush outside her property and the security guards were talking to the police.

‘One of them was boasting saying: ‘I’m an ex-Marine and I just picked him up and threw him head first in the cactus.’
‘The security told me that it was some crazed stalker guy. He was a brave man for even trying to get in her place, as it’s swarming with her detail and we have the Sheriff’s Department come round every half an hour checking the street.’
(Underline added).

What?! Don't you have your own security team and police driving by your house every half hour to make sure you are safe?

The report indicates that Roberts' neighbors include Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen, both of whom are also anti-gun (i.e., opposed to peasants protecting themselves).

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