Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wholesale Marijuana Prices Drop

This article from the Daily Mail reports that because of marijuana legalization in some U.S. states, the price of marijuana has dropped, forcing growers into growing opium poppies. The thrust of the article is that this is bad because it making heroin cheaper ... and, therefore, increasing the number of heroin users. However, I think that this merely understates what an atrocious failure the war on drugs has been. It also illustrates that no matter what a government legislates, it cannot legislate away the laws of economics.

 Anyway, from the article:
The U.S. is being flooded with cheap heroin from Mexico as farmers in the country find that their traditional cannabis crop is no longer as profitable north of the border. 
Mexican campesinos are turning away from growing marijuana after decriminalisation of the drug in many American states has led to steep falls in its wholesale price. 
Instead they are filling their fields with opium poppies, a crop more commonly associated with Asia, which offers them a far greater return on their efforts.

It comes as demand in the U.S. for hard drugs increases, spurred by a crackdown on prescription painkiller abuse which has made pills such as OxyContin more difficult to obtain.
Rodrigo Silla, 50, a lifelong marijuana farmer from Mexico's Sinoloa state, told the Washington Post that growing the pungent-smelling herb was simply 'not worth it any more.' 
'I wish the Americans would stop with this legalisation,' he said.

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