Friday, April 4, 2014

Syrian Refugees Push Lebanon to Breaking Point...

... according to the United Nations. I say that is complete B.S. All I hear is how wonderful illegal aliens are for the United States' economy. (See, e.g., Forbes, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Scholastic Magazine, Reason Magazine). They fill the same role in today's society as slaves did in the 1800s--such as cleaning our rooms and doing our landscaping. (That's probably why Democrats like illegal aliens--the Democrats always have been the party of slavery and the KKK). The laws of economics don't change from country to country, so, for the same reasons illegal aliens are good for the U.S., they must be good for Lebanon.

I say, let the U.N. keep its lies to itself. With that number of "undocumented workers" from Syria, Lebanon will soon be the leading economic powerhouse in the Middle-East.

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