Friday, April 18, 2014

Kansas Shooter and the Sgt. Schultz Routine

NBC News reports on the arrest of Mohammed Whitaker for a series of shootings in the Kansas City area. From the news story:
A Missouri man accused of turning roadways in Kansas City and its suburbs into a shooting gallery faces 18 felony charges in twelve separate incidents since early March, officials said Friday.

Authorities had been tracking suspect Mohammed Whitaker, 27, at his Grandview home, south of Kansas City, after receiving tips from the public.

... “I don’t have a motive,” said Police Chief Darryl Forte, adding that more charges could be added.
Based on his name, I wonder what a possible motive might be?

In any event, here is the Kansas City Star's account. This story at the Heavy indicates that Whitaker's father, Edward Whitaker, believes his son could not have been acting alone.

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