Friday, April 25, 2014

Global Warming Alert--Ice in the Great Lakes Isolates Tourist Island

The Detroit Free Press reports:
It’s not exactly spring on Mackinac Island. After the coldest winter in memory, spring is barely to be found on Mackinac, which usually welcomes its first tourists by May 1.

Not a single ferry is running. The horses are not back. There are 10-foot snowbanks on the island. And one ferry line, Arnold Transit, may not open for business at all.

It’s the latest spring Chris Shepler, president of Shepler’s Ferry, can ever remember. Usually, by mid-April, the island is bustling with preparations.

“I have never seen it like this before, and I am 51,” he said today.
Until ice-breakers can cut a path through the ice, everything is having to be flown into the island.

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