Friday, April 18, 2014

Follow Up on "The U.S. is an Oligarchy"

This seems to tie in nicely with the post from the other day on the U.S. being an oligarchy. Over at the Captain's Journal, I came across this piece (commenting in turn on an article by Victor Davis Hanson):
Obama is the leader du jour of the elitist collectivists, and they have specific designs for the hard workers in America (here referred to as middle class).

“The best short credo of liberalism came from the pen of the once canonical left-wing literary historian Vernon Parrington in the late 1920s. ‘Rid society of the dictatorship of the middle class,’” a motto that Sacramento has internalized to a man.
But for much of the entitlement state, the middle class is necessary for their own existence. Corporations rely on the wealth of the middle class in order to hire illegal aliens to do work. They don’t pay them enough to provide for their medical care, so the middle class provides it in insurance premiums thus ensuring that when the aliens show up at the emergency rooms all across America for treatment, the hospitals don’t go bankrupt. Food stamps, welfare and other forms of government handouts rely on the wealth of the middle class. Thus having low paid workers in America from foreign countries is a form of corporate welfare. It enriches the executives and board members. 
Members of boards of directors sit on multiple boards, voting policy into action, traveling from one board meeting to another, and ensuring that their friends receive membership on some influential board as well. They travel in the same circles, ride on the same yachts, fly on the same chartered jets and drink the same expensive wine as the politicians. The politicians ensure that the corporate welfare continues by implementing policy to support it at the national level. 
But if there is an entitled class in the upper echelon of society who requires redistribution of middle class wealth, the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Atlanta grow no produce, make no product, and exist by funneling wealth from the suburbs and rural areas of America to their own coffers. As much as one half of America pays no federal income taxes, and yet this (i.e., welfare and food stamps) is referred to as “slavery” by well intentioned people who want to see the impoverished become self supporting. 
Slavery it is not, when food, medical care, housing and education is handed to you for free, while you have the opportunity to work yourself out of the inner city into a better future. The slaves are the ones who suffer taxation – theft by the power of a badge and gun – in order to fund all of those benefits. 
Finally, there are those who work to ensure that the system continues unabated – the police and all manner of federal law enforcement agencies. While the police typically see themselves as sacrificing for the sake of the people, the effete, entitled, elitist sophisticates see them as Neanderthals. Brutish and evil, but a necessary evil if the state is to function to maintain two classes of people. Oftentimes – though not always – the police do their bidding. The ridiculous war on drugs has few supporters within the elite establishment, but it has served to militarize the police, and that’s a positive thing to them. SWAT teams may make people think about the likeness of America to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, but the elite don’t want any hint of rebellion among the ranks. Better to overdo things and make sure than to honor the rights of the ordinary folk. 
So it’s a collection of bastard groups that has designs on the middle class, and its allies sometimes agree on very little. These groups (and many more I haven’t named) have only one thing in common: The wealth and subjugation of the middle class. This is such a strong bond that it unites people who would otherwise hate each other.

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